Shower thought: the direction that I’d like this site to take

Okay so I was just in the shower, showering, as you do. I was thinking about where I’d like this website to go, I think it has a fair bit of potential, and I’m really happy with the name I came up with (this is going to sound sad but I actually thought it was hilarious at first). Considering I have zero qualifications in design or anything like that, I think the logo turned out okay as well, it took me much longer than I’d like to admit to make, but it gets the point across well enough for now.

Anyways, it’s not like the name of the site is linked to medicine, really. Okay kind of, with the whole ‘grey matter’ pun, but the entire name when phrased as a question is essentially synonymous with the question ‘do my thoughts matter?’, which got me thinking…I don’t have to be the only person working on this thing.

What I mean is, if I actually put a lot of work into this site, post every day, not just the medical student blog (which will be my primary focus on the site) but posts on a bunch of other topics as well (I have ~50 blog title ideas based on my interests and things I want to explore a little more) then I think I would actually like to approach others and invite them to write on here too.

The good thing is that I created the site on WordPress. Now I was originally working on Wix, which is an amazing website design/creation tool with a lot more features/freedom to work with. The issue was the price, for a year, I think it would have cost me close to £100, whereas for WordPress, the cost was just under £40. In both scenarios, a free domain name was included, but still, I didn’t want to be spending £100.

Anyhow, on WordPress, you can invite other WordPress users to your website, enabling them to also post.

Now the fun thing is that I’m going to university. Here I’ll be able to meet dozens and dozens of people that are studying a whole range of different subjects, and are incredibly passionate about what they’re working on. It’s not like high school or college where work is a chore, at Uni people actually love what they’re studying (I hope). Anyways, it would be great to invite people from a large range of different subject areas (the arts and humanities) for example, and allow them to post on the site, giving them complete freedom to discuss whatever they like about their particular subject.

The result would be a massive collaboration of creative, passionate thought by driven individuals that aim to explore their interests and manner of thinking.

I love that thought. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are great, but there are restrictions on true expression of thought. Okay so take Facebook for example, the problem is that nobody would care to see or read a long, drawn out page of rambling about the day to day life of a medical student, or posts on philosophy or the arts. Facebook is also too busy, it’s full to the brim of…rubbish to put it bluntly. It feels messy also, when you consider posts like this, for example, a much cleaner and stripped back web design is crucial to place maximum emphasis on the words on the screen.

Twitter is actually a lot, lot better. I feel that I’d be happy to discuss this kind of thing on there, but the issue is the character restriction. Every thought has to be condensed and compressed to the point where you’re struggling to even make sense out of what you’ve written.

So yeah, here there is total freedom, and I really hope I can get some other people on board, as this could turn into a really interesting project. I feel that the average person doesn’t really take much time to think out their thoughts and to live in the present. I believe the term is mindfulness. In promoting people to regularly write about how they think, what drives them and what their passions are, then self reflection and thus self improvement come about as a result, which is good for everybody.

Once again I’m rambling, but you get the gist.

Tldr; I want more people with different interests to write on here also. Social media is bad. I have thoughts sometimes.

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