Med School Daily #1: So it begins.

I’m at university now, it still seems a little surreal. I gutted my room at home of almost all my posters, and now my new room feels almost exactly the same as my old one.

I had to be at the med school at 8am this morning. Fantastic start to term, but I’m not allowed to complain, because I know how incredibly lucky I am to have the opportunity to study medicine.

One thing I’ve noticed over the weekend when I was meeting everyone, was how lovely all the med students are. I can’t wait to spend five years studying with them, they’re brilliant. From so many different places as well!! As someone who loves meeting new people and finding out about their lives, uni is definitely the place to be.

So at 8 we had to sign a form which was pretty much giving the med school to test us for HIV and Hep B and things like that, if they need to. As I’ll be potentially one day working as a surgeon with a sharp blade in a body cavity, me nicking my finger and bleeding Hep B blood into the patient would be VERY VERY bad. So I totally understand why they need to do blood tests and everything.

So we had 2 lectures, back to back. To be honest it all felt like one lecture. So it was all just an introduction to the med school, what the staff expect from us, and the layout of the course. So basically for the next week, we’re working through the ‘orientation’ topic, I think it’s called, where we get settled in, understand how PBL (problem based learning) works, and everything.

I’m really looking forward to start learning some medicine though, most of all I’m looking forward to the dissection. At my uni, each small group has an entire cadaver to dissect, so their anatomy facilities are amazing. Hopefully learning anatomy this way as opposed to just dissecting individual organs that have already been removed from a cadaver will make me a much better doctor.

I don’t really have much more to say, not too much went on today. But I did learn that the two most important parts of a medic’s body are their brains and their hands. So there you go.

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