What happened to the daily med school blog?

Does it count as daily since I only made one post?

Probably not, but I planned for it to be daily. In fact, that was kind of the idea behind this entire site, for it to be centred around the daily med school blog.

The funny thing is, the only post I ever made was on the first day, before we ever had any interesting classes like PBL and dissection. The first day was literally just introductory lectures.

So I’m about three weeks in now and I’ve completely settled into medical school. I suppose it’s time to explain why the blog went to pot.

Before coming to uni, I think I envisioned every day of medical school to be really exciting, where I was constantly busy working on things that I could write lots about. In fact, it’s not as crazy as you’d expect.

Okay so most of the things we have on our timetables are lectures, on things like biochem and sociology, they’re interesting to go to, but hardly anything to brag about at the end of each day on this website.

The bulk of the work is anatomy, where every week we pretty much have to teach ourselves every aspect of a certain area of the body. We’ve done the thoracic wall, the breast and the axilla so far. Again, I don’t have a lot to say about this, as all of the time I spend on it is alone in my room, memorising the names of arteries. That wouldn’t make for good reading on here.

Alongside anatomy, there’s dissection. Now this is my favourite class, as I’m fascinated by human anatomy, but for obvious reasons I can’t talk about it on here, as any details could potentially be linked back to the medical school, and the confidentiality of the person who donated their body for us to dissect must be respected.

PBL (problem based learning) is pretty fun, a small group of us meet every week, are presented with cases which we discuss, and we come up with a few ‘learning objectives’. We then answer them, and regroup a week later and discuss what we learned.

On top of all this, there’s ‘Experiential learning’ which is essentially team building and also the odd lab session, on things such as Vital signs and vessel histology.

But most of all, I’m doing independent studying.

It’s a LOT of work, and unfortunately, it’s not terribly exciting. A lot of staring at textbooks and making notes. Although I’m loving every second of it, as every day all of the work I do is on subjects I’m passionate about, so there is the bonus of constantly being motivated, as I’m so close to being a doctor.

This post sounds like I don’t enjoy medical school. I do, more so than anything I’ve done before. It’s just that I would really struggle to make an interesting to read, unique post every day, when most of the time all I did was study.

Plus eventually I’ll be on placements a lot, and obviously, I can’t talk about that at all, as again, confidentiality must be respected and maintained.

So yeah that’s what happened to the med school posts. I’ll try and make some other posts on the site soon, just so I can ensure that I got my money’s worth.


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