Easy tips for getting your life together

We’ve all been there, some significantly more often than others, where everything feels pointless, the future looks bleak and it seems that everything and anything you could do will have no positive consequences whatsoever.

I’m not at all saying that I have a magic cure for depression, but I’m merely suggesting some little things that I’ve found, and heard can help to make day-to-day living a little easier.

Tip 1: Sleep

Sleep is VITAL. There’s a reason we spend half of our lives doing it, because we need to. Getting enough sleep, and at the right time, has far reaching effects in areas like mood, memory retention and concentration. First, I’ll say that you should try and get at least 7 hours a night. For me, if I do this consistently, I’ve found that I don’t feel dead the next day.

Next, you need to regulate your sleep schedule. Now this requires a certain level of self-discipline, but you can do it! Try and go to sleep at around the same time every night, but ensure you wake up at the same time every morning. It’ll be tempting to have lie-ins over the weekend, but as you get more and more used to waking early, it’ll be less of a struggle.

Also, you’ll find that having a few extra hours in the morning massively helps with boosting your productivity, as you have more time to work. Happiness also, on that note, as for me at least, I like using that time to read, which I love doing.

Tip 2: Schedule

There’s nothing worse than knowing that you have 10 different tasks to complete, and that anytime you get a bit of work done, you remember another 5 things that need doing. I hate that feeling. It makes me really anxious, which demotivates me from getting anything done in the first place.

A big pile of work is scary, but I’ve found that having a schedule helps me to get things done and kills a lot of that stress.

Get a diary, and spread the tasks you need to get done out over the next week. Then all you have to do at any time is what you’ve scheduled for that particular day. Once the task is done, cross it out, and enjoy some free time, knowing that you’re on track to getting all your work done.

It sounds stupid, but it really helps, especially when studying, when there is a colossal amount to go over.

I always start planning my week on Sunday. I look at my calendar at what sessions I have that week, and write down in my planner what I’m going to do on each day, so that by the end of the week, there is no back-log of work, and I’ve had at least a bit of me-time each day.

It’s always really useful to look at the tasks for the next day just before you go to bed, so you know exactly what needs to be done.

Tip 3: Food

It’s pretty important that you eat 3 meals a day, at roughly the same time each day. That’s all I really have to say about that, but I promise you I’ve heard a psychologist talk about this, I just don’t really understand it. But from personal experience, I feel better when I eat at normal times.

Tip 4: Do something you’re passionate about

We all have work, whether it be school, university or a job. Generally speaking, we’re not overly exited to be doing algebra, or writing emails. Having something that interests you, really engages you outside of all that is essential.

What I’m pretty much saying is that you should have a hobby. But first think about what is really meaningful to you. For example, I love writing this blog, and thinking about how I could change the design to make it better. I suppose I could say I’m passionate about it. But it could be anything.

It’s important because you shouldn’t waste your free time just waiting to go back to work. Fill it with something you truely love, so that you have something to look forward to doing when you get home everyday, instead of letting your mind stagnate. That’s another thing, I always feel down when I have nothing to do. I know that’s just my personality, I’m a bit of a workaholic, but still, keeping busy is always a good thing.

I hope this was kind of useful to someone. I just threw this post together without putting too much thought into it, but I think if you look past the rambling, and put into practice what I’ve said, things should improve, at least marginally.

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