Another Saturday in the life

Woke up around 10. I wanted to get up at 7 and watch ‘the Americans’ for a few hours, but I’ve subconsciously learned how to ignore my alarm in the morning. Weird flex, but ok, brain.

I then rushed to shower and shove the rest of my stuff into the bag, ready to go home.

I was picked up at uni by my Dad and sister, who’s learning to drive. My sister was behind the wheel. At some points it was kind of hit and miss as to whether the next moment would be me regaining consciousness in hospital, in a weeks time.

Back at home, my Grandad is still living with us, and has been ever since my Nan passed away a couple of weeks ago. His mood has improved a lot since, but it’s going to take a very long time for him to go back to being his normal self. The funeral is just over a week away, and I think we all want it over with. Me included.

In some aspects it’s good that we’ve had to wait a while for the funeral to take place, as it gives us time to process everything and gather our thoughts. But in others, it just feels like it’s all being dragged out forever, with all the formal BS that you have to go through. Things like death certificates, funeral directors, crematoriums and wills do little more than to stretch the misery as far as it’ll go.

Anyways, it was a pretty nice day earlier, so I offered to take my Grandad for a nice drive, just to get him out of the house and to take his mind off things.

It was a great drive, I drove my favourite route, to a little town called Buxton. The way there is essentially long stretches of secluded country roads, rising and dipping through valleys and moores. It’s really beautiful. Fun fact, it was near Buxton where my grandad did his grenade training when he was in the army.

Apart from that, the only other thing I’ve done today is to painstakingly copy the app ‘Things 3’ onto my sisters iPad. It was a bloody nightmare. So back at uni, I had to install an older version of iTunes that still supported app syncing to the program. Then I copied the app file to Google Drive. At home, I uninstalled the newer version of iTunes and installed the old one, on my sister’s laptop. Then I added the app file to her iTunes library, and synced her iPad. Oh yeah, before this I had to authorise my sister’s computer, so that applications I’ve purchased on my account can be used on hers. Then the bloody sync took like 2 hours, for no reason other than Apple being dicks.

I swear, Apple products have only 2 states – being perfect, brilliant, genius examples of design and functionality, or being utter trash.

Take a guess which I’d rate iTunes for windows.

The amount of time I’ve spent over the last 10 years screaming at that program makes me want to cry. It’s truly awful.

Later on, I made notes on a ‘personality, mood & emotion lecture’. It’s nice to make notes on the slides, as I can reorganise the information into a more digestible format, and also make it all pretty with all the colours of the rainbow. Plus, the hours of engagement with the content helps with recall later on. Win win.

Oh yeah, so over the last few months, I’ve been struggling to find something to read. I ADORE reading. There’s nothing better than diving into a good book every morning and night, but I haven’t really done that since reading ‘the time traveler’s wife’ a while back.

I have lots of my books at uni. But the thing is, I keep telling myself that I should be trying to read more classic novels, but the thing is, a lot of the time, they read like Wikipedia.

So I’ve given up finally. I’ve gone back to my favourite book series, which I’ve gotten through 3 or 4 times now, Harry Potter. I don’t care if it’s not that challenging, or a critically acclaimed classic, the fact that the books make me happy is enough.

I can’t wait to really get into them, and find myself reading constantly.

The best thing about reading lots is the massive improvement in my writing. It’s like I soak up the writer’s brilliance through my eyes, and stream a small amount of it through my fingers as I type out another (slightly less than) rubbish blog post.

Well that’s all I have to say today.

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