Green Door placement and the most productive day ever!

Wow. What an amazing day this was. On paper, it seemed pretty normal, nothing out of the ordinary.

All that was timetabled for me today was a 2 hour ‘understanding mental health’ placement.

I’ve had a fair few placements so far; GP, hospital and community. But this was by FAR the best one yet.

So when the 6 of us arrived at ‘Green Door’ at Westport Lake, we were briefly cramped into the small office with around 4 or 5 staff members. Without a moment’s hesitation, we went outside and started walking around the lake. It was a wonderfully sunny day, with the sound of birds singing, kids playing and geese begging for scraps in the air.

Once we reached the halfway point around the lake, we all sat at a picnic bench and the volunteers supervising us told us their stories, and how they came to be working at Green Door.

The stories were utterly heartbreaking; tragedy after tragedy. Completely unimaginable events. I was inches away from bursting into tears when one lady was speaking (I’m a VERY emotional person).

But all of the stories ended the same way, with Green Door. Green Door is an organisation run mostly by volunteers that provide a beautiful, open green space for people with mental health problems to visit.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for all of the staff and volunteers that work there, both due to all of the hardships they’ve overcome, and the amount of people they help and lives they improve by providing the services that they do.

After the talk, we got the opportunity to ride some of their bikes around the lake. I took a single bike (there were doubles, also) and rode as fast as I could around the entire lake, twice.

I LOVED it. I haven’t had the chance to ride a bike much for the last 10 years, or so. But before then, I was out on my bike every night, and so today brought back lots of great memories. I really want a bike for my birthday (in just over 3 months) now. Any charitable donations would be graciously accepted ;).

So the day just got better. When waiting for the taxi to go back to uni, I spotted an ice cream van and had to have one (that’s definitely an unwritten rule of life, unless you’re Scrooge).

Back at uni, I was still riding the high from a morning spent in the sun and riding a bike.

When I’m in a good mood, I feel REALLY productive. But I was feeling especially so today, as last night I finished my stupid academic-mini-review project on psychopaths. So now that’s over and done with, I can focus on studying for the March knowledge exam, which takes place one month today, in fact.

So in my good mood, I decided to clean my room (cleaning always makes me feel good, I think it’s because of the anxiety, so getting things done gives me less to stress about). I properly dusted for the first time since moving in (in September of last year). Then I reorganised everything, and threw out a bunch of rubbish.

Then I cleaned my bathroom. After that, I packed my bag to go home a day early, to save me rushing in the morning. I’m STILL in a great mood from getting so much done, it’s insane.

So after all this, I decided to reorganise the apps on my iPad and got some new wallpapers (I like keeping things fresh, especially since I see them a billion times a day).

I suppose I should explain how I’ve been organising myself at uni, so far. Essentially I’ve been using a paper-weekly planner, which I’d fill in every Sunday for the following week.

It was useful, but with so many things to do that can’t really be pinned down to one day, I needed a better means to keep track of my life.

I’ve tried out a few ‘to-do-list’ apps on my iPad previously, but nothing really felt right for me. I should note that all of them were free.

So naturally, the next step was to buy a £20 app, called ‘Things 3’. I think it’s one of the best and most beautifully designed apps I’ve ever used.

I won’t go into it, but the app is essentially an amazing personal planner tool. You can organise different areas of your life into projects, and fill them with items that need to be done.

You need to look it up, but once you do, don’t complain to me when you suddenly find yourself buying the most expensive app you’ve ever purchased.

So using Things, I’ve now got a really long list of potential blog posts, and also a load of things I need to make notes on for medicine.

The last thing I did today was to make notes on next week’s anatomy topic, ‘Internal Brain’. Interestingly, this was the shortest topic so far (by the number of textbook pages we had to cover’, but you won’t hear me complaining.

Anyways, today has been a very good day, and I’m always happy when they unexpectedly turn up. I’m glad I used it as well as I could, and got lots of things done.

Green Door

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