Time to make a change. Or 20.

First year of medical school is over.

To be honest, I really didn’t enjoy it that much, and I’m accepting blame for that, I know it’s my fault and I’ll explain why.

I think the biggest problem was the social isolation. I really didn’t socialise much….or at all in the last few months of year 1. You see, I’ve always been really reserved and have preferred my own company to that of others’, but I think I took it a bit too far this year.

I got into uni through clearing, and so my accommodation application was submitted much later than others’ were. As a result, I ended up on a floor that seemed to be composed of 3rd year international students. The people I shared a kitchen with loved to spend all of their time shouting in Greek or some other language, which was always annoying so I had no intention of trying to make friends with them.

I did in fact have a few friends on a different floor from me, but I kind of isolated myself from them, so we drifted apart.

Then I didn’t really make much of an effort to get close to the people in my medicine group, so yeah you can probably see how all of this could be classed as ‘not good’.

Anyways, on top of all this I didn’t really get involved in much during first year. Before starting, I had a list of societies I wanted to join, and I did actually (shout-out to creative writing and a bunch of medic societies) but never got round to actually going to any meetings or anything.

Plus (oh yeah, it gets better), I continued my long-lasting habit of having next to no hobbies. But I’m actually doing something about that right now (don’t act too shocked just yet).

What this all boils down to, is that I need a better work-life balance. Well considering at the moment I’m at 100% work, any change in the ‘life’ department would be an improvement.

Anywho, this was just a brief, awfully vague post about what I didn’t like about the last year. There’s lots I haven’t discussed yet, and I still have to talk about the different aspects of medicine during my first year, but I needed something punched out beforehand, to get me back into the habit…or rather to create the habit of posting on here.

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