Treading water

What a mess of a week. I feel quite crappy right now, and I really want to vent. So in a nutshell, I've just been all over the place lately. This week has been really busy and stressful, as I've had to prep for the case presentation, plus I've been back-and-forth to the hospital 4/5... Continue Reading →

It’s all over now, Baby Blue

The exam is done with. Honestly, I wasn't expecting to do that well in it, and I think my suspicions were correct on the basis that I felt like I did pretty awful whilst walking out of the exam hall. But nevermind. I've realised that in medical school, you've got to really alter your mindset... Continue Reading →

New studying technique

I'm starting to enjoy the library. I'm there at the moment, and I even stayed at uni for an extra day (I usually go home for the entire weekend), just so I can study more. It's crunch time and everyone's feeling the heat. It's 5 days until the exam and I feel kind of screwed.... Continue Reading →

Feeling lost

Does my Grey Matter? I still don't really think so, but I figured that I wanted a creative (or rather, emotional) outlet in my life, so I'm back here, screaming into the void, looking forward to what my echo has to say. At a quick glance, I saw that my last post was written after... Continue Reading →

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