New studying technique

I’m starting to enjoy the library.

I’m there at the moment, and I even stayed at uni for an extra day (I usually go home for the entire weekend), just so I can study more. It’s crunch time and everyone’s feeling the heat.

It’s 5 days until the exam and I feel kind of screwed. I should have worked harder, much more so, over the last few weeks. If I had done, then I wouldn’t have so much rubbish to cram now. But whatever, I suppose you just have to get over it.

I’m not sure if I mentioned, but I’m using this upcoming exam as a trial for my new studying technique (talk about high stakes!). Basically I got it from an amazing you-tuber called Ali Abdaal, who’s now a jr. Doctor. Essentially, I stopped making notes all together, as studies have proven that making/reading notes is a really inefficient way to learn.

Now, I use Google Sheets to turn all of my lectures into flashcards. I make use of a colour-code system to indicate how well I know the answer. The answers are written in the ‘c’ column in white, and can be viewed when selecting the cell and looking at the function bar at the top.

Then, I put one of ‘, . /’ in the ‘b’ column to change the colour of the question to red, yellow, and green, respectively. I prefer it to Anki, since I don’t have to rely on their algorithms to decide what I need to be covering, and at a quick glance at the colours, I can see what it is I need to work on more.

So far, it has seemed to be going well, but I suppose only the exam results will tell me how well.

Last night I spent some time in the library with some friends, which was really nice. Getting out of my room has given me more opportunity to socialise, and I think i’ll keep it up.

Anywho, that’s all for right now, my life isn’t interesting but I wanted to keep up the habit of posting here.

Have a great day.

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