First time jabbing someone with a needle

Finally, after sitting through 15 gruelling months of medical school, I got to inject someone with a drug.

It doesn’t sound overly impressive, but for me it’s a big step in the right direction, away from lectures and textbooks, towards clinical practice.

I was looking forward to this particular lab for months, and it didn’t disappoint in the slightest. It was called ‘local anaesthetics’.

Essentially, we paired up and injected (and got injected ourselves) 4 solutions of Lidocaine intradermally. This means I injected a numbing drug between the layers of the skin, so not into a vein or deep enough to cause serious bleeding.

There isn’t really much to say about it, apart from the fact that I loved every second (is that messed up?). I think I did it pretty well since my partner didn’t scream or bleed (a little bit of blood is normal since there are tiny vessels called capillaries in the skin) badly.

I just wanted to make a little record of this. I’ll be updating the blog shortly on where I am in life.

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