First time jabbing someone with a needle

Finally, after sitting through 15 gruelling months of medical school, I got to inject someone with a drug. It doesn't sound overly impressive, but for me it's a big step in the right direction, away from lectures and textbooks, towards clinical practice. I was looking forward to this particular lab for months, and it didn't... Continue Reading →

Treading water

What a mess of a week. I feel quite crappy right now, and I really want to vent. So in a nutshell, I've just been all over the place lately. This week has been really busy and stressful, as I've had to prep for the case presentation, plus I've been back-and-forth to the hospital 4/5... Continue Reading →

It’s all over now, Baby Blue

The exam is done with. Honestly, I wasn't expecting to do that well in it, and I think my suspicions were correct on the basis that I felt like I did pretty awful whilst walking out of the exam hall. But nevermind. I've realised that in medical school, you've got to really alter your mindset... Continue Reading →

New studying technique

I'm starting to enjoy the library. I'm there at the moment, and I even stayed at uni for an extra day (I usually go home for the entire weekend), just so I can study more. It's crunch time and everyone's feeling the heat. It's 5 days until the exam and I feel kind of screwed.... Continue Reading →

Feeling lost

Does my Grey Matter? I still don't really think so, but I figured that I wanted a creative (or rather, emotional) outlet in my life, so I'm back here, screaming into the void, looking forward to what my echo has to say. At a quick glance, I saw that my last post was written after... Continue Reading →

What it’s like to have anxiety

First off, I should make clear that everyone with this condition (and most other mental health problems) experiences it differently. There you go, I made it clear. I feel it in the depths of my stomach, just below my lower ribs. The burning sensation when copious amounts of adrenaline is pumped into my system isn't... Continue Reading →

Time to make a change. Or 20.

First year of medical school is over. To be honest, I really didn't enjoy it that much, and I'm accepting blame for that, I know it's my fault and I'll explain why. I think the biggest problem was the social isolation. I really didn't socialise much....or at all in the last few months of year... Continue Reading →

Another Saturday in the life

Woke up around 10. I wanted to get up at 7 and watch 'the Americans' for a few hours, but I've subconsciously learned how to ignore my alarm in the morning. Weird flex, but ok, brain. I then rushed to shower and shove the rest of my stuff into the bag, ready to go home.... Continue Reading →

My first community placement

Today I had my first community placement. I've already had GP placements, and a hospital placement, but I didn't exactly know what to expect from this one. On my timetable it said 'Understanding ageing and disability', so I was guessing we were going to go to some kind of care home. Considering how much I... Continue Reading →

Easy tips for getting your life together

We've all been there, some significantly more often than others, where everything feels pointless, the future looks bleak and it seems that everything and anything you could do will have no positive consequences whatsoever. I'm not at all saying that I have a magic cure for depression, but I'm merely suggesting some little things that... Continue Reading →

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